Our free consultation takes place at the space that you would like to design. We use the time to better understand your needs, the way you live and what you would like the end result to be. Unfortunately this is not the idea sharing phase – we still need a bit of time to digest and germinate.

During this phase we ask you to put together a very detailed brief for us to follow. It is also during this stage that we begin work on assessing the space, taking measurements, cataloguing photos etc. One this is all done, we sign a document that protects both parties.


Once all of this is done, the first payment is made and the project is considered started.

This is where we get creative. Our team considers your brief carefully, looks for reference images, collects samples – basically designs your space and puts it all together in a slick looking presentation.


We will make sure that all the points in your brief are attended to, that being said, we consider it our duty to inform you when we have a different solution or another opinion – all up of debate of course.

This is the nerve wracking part. We all sit down around a table and we present our ideas – these might include (it depends on what’s best for the job) mood boards, floor plans, render, sample boards etc. Basically we use the best method possible to communicate out ideas – it’s never the same.

Once the design has been approved, it’s time for us to do all the technical drawings that the contractors are going to need to implement everything properly. This is a very important stage and we like to take our time to do everything perfectly.

Our studio is a full service studio – which means, we do everything from the design to the project management as well. We liaise with contractors, architects, joiners, painters etc.

Every single project, no matter how well it went has a snag or two. We make sure we stick around after project competition to make sure that the niggle little bits are all attended to.

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